Steady Hand Game

This camp is no longer on sale.

Monday February 15

1:00 PM  –  4:00 PM

Description: Design and build your own Operation-inspired board game using electrical circuits that go off when bumped. Put your hand-eye coordination to the test by removing small objects with tweezers - but be careful not to hit the sides!


Age Range Recomendations:

Independent: 8-12 | Needs helper: 5-7


What will I need to provide?

Campers will need access to a computer or tablet, a desk or table space to work on projects, and a few common household items such as scissors, a writing utensil, or a ruler. A list of household items will be sent to you ahead of your camp. 


What is curbside pick-up?

Camp materials will be pre-packed for your family and available for curbside pickup the week before camp. When it’s camp time, you’ll open the box and we’ll take it from there!


Pickup Times

  • Thursday, Feb 4th, 5-6pm
  • Friday, Feb 5th, 12-1pm
  • Thursday, Feb 11th, 5-6pm
  • Friday, Feb 12th, 12-1pm
  • If you are also registering for a MLK Jr Day cam, these pickup times will be available
    • Thursday, Jan 14th, 5-6pm
    • Friday, Jan 15th, 12-1pm